In 1986 I was just a kid being blindly guided by the gentle force of Hip Hop. I wanted to be a B-boy so bad back then, but I could only do one move, the worm Lol. I was also six. I heard the music, but not yet could I understand the pain within the lyrics.
I used to listen to Whodini but by ’86 they fell off, looking back in retrospect now.. The tectonic plates of Hip Hop were shifting slowly. It was less party rap and more reality based music. There was still somewhat of a balance. Barriers were being broken in this aforementioned year that were previously unattainable with the subject of Hip Hop… Run-D.M.C remade “Rock This Way” a song recorded by Aerosmith in 1975 putting Hip Hop in a bracket it had trouble sitting in or was wanted in the first place.. Mainstream. Something else was happening in Hip Hop as well, A artist went gold with little to no radio play of his album.  (IE: Too Short.)

You could catch me doing moves to “Planet Rock” as a kid with my brother in our room, rocking out to Salt -n- Pepa, Fat Boys, Doug E Fresh, oh, and I used to like a song from a group Whistle called “Just Buggin“. That was my song growing up.  🙂 The scratching in that song is world class… To this day even.. Back when the DJ meant just as much as the MC. (Honorable mention of the year: Joeski Love’s Peewees Dance)


Aside from the cover art, this was pretty dope back then

 Not to say it still doesn’t. But still. I vaguely remember as a kid going to the world’s fair and R rated movies with my older brother and his friends. Nothing crazy. Guess he had to watch me a lot and he still wanted to do cool stuff with his friends, don’t know.. They were always cool with me as a kid.I kept my face in either a national geographic or a popular mechanics magazine most of the time though. What can I say, I’ve always liked Information and the gathering of it. Even as a kid. My brother also used to DJ at the time with his good friend across the street from us and that’s where I heard most of my music. When they would spin vinyl. They had 1200’s and everything..


If you don’t know what this is then…..I cant even….

Something else was happening that I kinda saw as a kid thru the Oliver North hearings but could not yet understand the complete backdraft affects of it until much later in life, the Iran/contra/crack era. Yes I said it. looking back it’s all one and the same you ask me.. I was shielded from a lot of this being that, my mom worked a good job, we stayed in a good place, had nice things and the schools me and my brother went to were some of the best in the city at that time. People can feel however they want about denying the CIA connection to and the importing and selling of herion and cocaine in the inner cites of the United States for arms to endorse coups in foreign nations.. But that’s another story altogether. The murder of CIA agent, drugrunner and pilot Barry Seal in ’86 really says a lot without saying anything about the summary of the contra in its entirety. In life he said he had a lot to say about the Bush family and there “activities“.


Pictured: Government Coke Trafficker

Something was happening that only a choice few could see at the time, positions were changing and people were washing their hands of prior business arrangements. When you get to this level of business, you just don’t get fired from the job, you get murked.

Meanwhile I was too busy watching Saturday morning cartoons, rocking funpals or underoos lol. Or sporting some Izods, KangaROOS or my trusty Member’s Only jacket at school LMFAO. (I had a grey one if your asking). As you would imagine I was too busy as a kid with kid things to see the dark underlining meaning to it all. Life that is…

But soon it would all make sense to me…