America the True: Oh, No Bullets Today?!

America the True: Oh, No Bullets Today?!


No way in hell this happens and you don’t get shot to death, aggressively. But, I guess it can, because it just did. There’s one big reason why, can you guess?


Thanks to the guys over at a very perplexing video has drunkenly flash danced it’s way onto my radar. Now I must warn you, there is a fair amount of horrible choreography going on here, but if you can summon up the power to suppress your urges to vomit uncontrollably, then here you go. I would love to sit back and just indulge in the hilarity of this video and I would, if only it wasn’t so damned offensive. For every person of color there’s the looming presence of out right racism. We’re told that it doesn’t exist, it’s a figment of our paranoid and self-serving defense mechanisms. That we scream racism for any and everything, just to covet attention, sympathy, or to weasel our way out of a certain circumstances, and there may be situations where this is proven true, in all honesty. But… Then just as we are thinking, maybe they’re right, maybe these good white folks aren’t feeding us a bunch of horse shit, the wood works get utterly destroyed by a paragon of white privilege so meretricious and damnatory that we have no choice but to snap back to reality.

This is what very well may be awaiting our children when they leave our homes


Case in point…

Exhibit A: The aforementioned video of the young lady who stole a vehicle and not only took cops on a lengthy chase through LA, but upon being gridlocked after spike strips were deployed, she began to taunt officers openly. She turned up her music, blasting Future and Drake’s, “Where Ya At?”, while erratically exiting the vehicle. As if waving her arms sporadically and fumbling with clothing (especially putting your hands in your pockets) wasn’t enough to be unceremoniously executed by police, she started doing something that was utterly amazing, awe-inspiring and sickening at the same time… She began to dance. It was a site to behold. Then she got back in the car, turned the radio up some more and danced a little jig in her seat. No cops opened fire. No cops barbarically approached the vehicle and man-handled her, wrestling her to the ground with a foot on her neck and knees in her back while twisting her arms behind her in ways they weren’t intended to bend. Not one cop tasered her repeatedly. They basically sat there and waited for her to decide to stop. We all know the same olive branch would not have been extended had the race not been of the caucasoidal complexion. As much as some, who would just so happen to be of that complexion, would like to defraud these words, with evidence so convicting, how could they?

How can you expect a criminal to investigate his own crime? That’s like letting a doctor investigate his own malpractice


In a time when a black man can be killed for following the orders of a trigger happy cop, how was she not filled with holes. I don’t care how people take what I’m saying. Let’s have a little EQUALITY. How about we have a police force that is fair and impartial and that will viciously and maliciously MURDER anyone, regardless of race, religion, sex or group involvement. No one can say shit, or complain, if cops are killing everyone, right? I hear about sites that claim to report the numbers and that they have found that whites are more likely to be killed by cops than blacks and any other race. I don’t believe it. I have witnessed first hand the speed at which a cop engaging a black male will discharge his firearm. I have also personally witnessed the restraint and respect officers will show towards a Caucasian individual, no matter how confrontational, or belligerent. These sites don’t account for unarmed deaths and the race of said victim. They also lump all deaths together without an accurate breakdown of which were deemed justified, which involved officers acting in self-defense, or being injured. So, without a fully informative analyses the information is then left to interpretation by the user, to be misconstrued as the user would see fit. Meaning, in my eyes, that those sites are untrustworthy in representing the actual facts and should be avoided, unless your searching for an overall count, which doesn’t apply in this scenario and would only be a technicality to someone looking for a quick way out.

Obviously she was a complete thug, I mean, Why else would this wonderful officer have to rough up a little girl?


On top of her not being gruesomely murdered by bloodthirsty officers (LAPD has been world renowned for their temperance, lol) there was pretty much NO national news coverage of this incident. Yet, another suspicious coincidence. No gunfire, no news coverage, hmmm… Sounds a little dubious, but i could be wrong, it happens. Although, I don’t think so, at all. I believe they didn’t shoot her because of her skin color and I also believe they didn’t have it spread across every morning, noon and nightly News outlet in the country, if not for anything else but laughs, for the same reason. I understand why the decision to annex this from mainstream media would be made. This video is “White Privilege” in action, it’s yet another shining example of how Caucasians in this country are allowed to put on a grand spectacle and dare police to react and come out unscathed. While most minorities have to have a force field, a prayer book blessed by God himself, a presidential pardon for being a minority and a white friend on hand, just to have a slight hope of surviving the encounter. To be completely honest, despite what most middle, upper and elite Americans would like to fancy, this is not a new problem. Lower class people have been dealing with overtly aggressive policing since anyone can remember. But, over the years it has just became a publicly acknowledged issue. With the emergence of camera phones and the public immersion into Social Media (such as FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), things are becoming harder to sweep under the rug. The presence of one person with a phone, tablet, laptop or any device with a camera and internet access on the site of an incident can propel it to viral status in seconds, with repercussions reciprocating around the world. Causing immense embarrassment and damage to not only reputations, but political careers and public support.


In closing, in our times we have seen black men murdered by not only officers, but those delusional enough to fancy themselves law enforcement without the credentials. I personally make no quarrel over people who live a criminal lifestyle, that is a job hazard in my book, it comes with the territory, given the circumstances. But, those who have committed no crime, who have no reason for their lives to be abruptly cut short, other than the simple fulfillment of a fantasy to be a lethal weapon, loose cannon, trigger happy “Hero” from the movies they grew up watching. Arnold Schwarzenegger even had to understand that reality catches up to everyone, including the Last Action Hero. So, why not racist, elitist, corrupt police officers?

Couldn’t have said it better, Brother Malcolm