1987…. I start this story off by saying a epic nintendo game by the name of  Contra came out February of that year. Ironically much to the words pertaining to my last blog, Wikipedia had this to say about it and I quote:


Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A start. Still remember to this day.

The arcade version of Contra was released on February 1987, a few months after the Iran–Contra affair was made public. While it is unclear whether the game was deliberately named after the Nicaraguan Contra rebels, the ending theme of the original game was titled “Sandinista” (サンディニスタ r?), after the adversaries of the real-life Contras. Hmmm..


         Wait, what??

Anyway, music was going thru a slow, but definite metamorphosis to say the least. Eric B and Rakim dropped the classic “Paid In Full” and to be honest, nobody was ready for what Rakim had to say. A lot of Hip Hop artists up to this point had trouble putting together a album that flowed well together. That was until Paid In Full. Then Krs-O.N.E. came right behind him with “Criminal Minded“. Those were two strong albums to say the least that I felt changed Hip Hop forever… LL Cool J had the album ” Bad Bigger And Deffer” With the single “I’m Bad“. Man… I used to get sooo amped as a kid when that song would come on! Hand me my fisherman’s hat!!!



Side note: One thing I want to also address from my last post is, Schooly D in 1985 released the song PSK (Park Side Killers) and silently gave birth to gangsta rap. He was from Philly. Ice T dropped “Rhyme Pays” in ’87 and West Coast gangsta rap was born with that one album. Then, we enter DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince. The year prior they had a hit single “Girls In The World” that saw great commercial success. There first album dropped this year as well called “Rock The House”.



           Where It Really Started…..

Then we have Dana Dane. He had a hit song called “Cinderfella Dana Dane” that was blazing the radio at the time a year before Slick Rick’s debut album. I used to like that song a lot!


            I’m The Rapper Dana Dane With Fame!

We can’t forget Mike Tyson. He was nothing short of a god in 1987. He became the first heavyweight to simultaneously hold the WBA, WBC and IBF titles respectfully, and the only heavyweight to successively unify them at twenty years old!


  My mom used to get mad because Mike would knock people out faster than it took to buy the pay-per-view!


We also had what was to become a legend on the basketball court in the form of Michael Jordan as well… He was breaking scoring records left and right like never before silently in 1987….

Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan 4/1987.

Everybody wanted to be “Like Mike”


And then, last but not least, these two albums changed my young life forever.


Michaels Jackson’s “Bad“.


People would rag on Mike for this move, saying it was inappropriate. But Elvis did this as well….


Man, I asked my mom so many times for that album, I got the vinyl for my turntable! Dude, I wanted that black leather outfit he wore in the video and lead single “Bad”. Words cannot explain how I felt about it! Looking back now in retrospect this was his complete adult transition album and his first since the album that made him bigger than life across the world, “Thriller“. Looking at old videos of people in radio stations at the time before the albums’s release and at that time were many Skeptics talking abut this album coming up short in comparison to the success of Thriller. Bad was our generation’s Thriller. No questions.

patriotism_means_no_questions      Well? No Questions!!


?uestlove is quoted by saying: Michael Jackson’s Bad was pop music’s and black music’s “first stadium album”. Every song was written in the anticipation of expecting them to be preformed in front of 80,000+ people. Couldn’t agree more with him on this! One of the first things I remembered was they had some many good songs! Only two songs weren’t singles and only one song didn’t have a video out of eleven!


     (No Caption)

Bad was the recipient of six Grammy Award nominations, winning two. In 1988, it was nominated for Album of the YearBest Pop Vocal Performance – MaleBest R&B Vocal Performance – Male and Record of the Year for “Man in the Mirror” the following year. Bad won Best Engineered Recording – Non Classical in 1988 and Best Music Video – Short Form for “Leave Me Alone” in 1990. Bad made history as being the first album to have five of its singles peak at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 consecutively, as “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”, “Bad”, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Man in the Mirror” and “Dirty Diana” all charted at number one on the music chart. To date, only one other album has achieved this milestone: Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, in 2010. The record has still not been surpassed. Jayson Rodriguez of MTV, noted that “following the twin cannons that were Off the Wall and Thriller wouldn’t be an easy task for most, but Jackson’s follow-up, 1987’s Bad, was formidable by all accounts.”Rodriguez commented that the album was “wrongfully dismissed by critics because it wasn’t the sales blockbuster that Thriller was” and that during the Bad era, Jackson’s vocal hiccups and stammered “shamone” would become staples in his music that were “heightening and highlighting the emotion of his lyrics.”Rolling Stone commented that “the best way to view” Bad was not as “the sequel to Thriller.


Yo! Bum Rush The Show! Classic!

And then you had Public Enemy’s “Yo Bum Rush The Show“. This was my first real introduction to Hip Hop as a kid. The whole world opened up to me. Even if just a little bit. Things were finally starting to make a little sense to me. It starts with a song called “Your Gonna Get Yours”. This is a song simply about Chuck D riding around in his Ninety Eight Oldsmobile passing up people and cops that don’t like the fact his car is fast and clean. Classic driving song if you’ve never heard it.


                                                   I don’t need to explain this…..


My dad had one, It looked like this. We would ride around and bump this tape all day. I loved that song. Miuzi Weighs A Ton was another one I was really digging! Can’t forget “Public Enemy No. 1” That song was so raw at the time! No one affected me like Chuck D did that year! Thank you Chuck!!  I was into “M.P.E.” as well. Raw ass song. And the title song as well. all of these were the jam!

This guy started it off for me. No Faceless without Chuck D!!


What this album said to me was this: Yo! If we can’t get in to your party or show and you and your guys are on some BS as well, were gonna crash your party and show you how It’s supposed to be done! I love that album for that… I couldn’t listen to Rakim or Krs and Chuck was all I had. I had never heard words before put together the way he did. He’s one of the main reasons I wanted to rap. I was unaware of this at the time as you should know. But I felt it.


So in closing, while the government was telling us kids in 1987 to “Just say no” and introducing us to “Officer Friendly, planes were leaving with guns and coming back with cocaine. So much of it that the price of it went down 80%! I mean when “Freeway” Rick Ross” got into the picture the price of a kilo went from sixty grand a pop to as low as ten grand !! … And trust me out the whole deal he got the back end!!

Ok, so some of you might know who Rick “Freeway” is but tell me, who is Oscar Danilo Blandón Reyes? I’ll tell you, he was Rick’s supplier. I would tell you to take a look at who he is but he’s a ghost. In 1986 he gets arrested on drug charges, gets convicted of a federal charge in 92, does twenty four months, then gets out to be hired by the DEA at the salary of $42,000 to be a snitch. How and why did he get this “way out” very few others received in the grand scheme of things? Oh, one more note I thought you might like, our boy Blandón was not a US Citizen/National, and is the only known foreigner in US history not to be deported following conviction on drug trafficking charges. The INS granted Blandón a green card, despite the criminal convictions, to allow him to work for the DEA. The DEA has said that Blandón is no longer on its payroll and his whereabouts are unknown.

Oh ok lol


All this while we were having a “War on drugs”. Who were we fighting, who was the patsy and who was the real foe is the question you should ask yourself.