If you could see an entire planet scream would you acknowlege it’s situation more? If the planet could cry or show weakness would you be a little more conscious of your actions toward her? Would you take any more responsibility? This is mother nature if she could show you her face….this is what I think it would look like at present and after 2 planetary extinctions. The first annihilation being the dinosaurs, the second….mankind. What you are witnessing in this piece is the precise moment when the 3rd extinction has been decided, now the animals are doomed. This is “Mother Nature’s Wrath”. Ok… I know….. the story is pretty fierce I will admit. It is pure destruction and lack of awareness to someone who gave us life. It is about loss and about the unconscious acts of many desecrating their own home by not paying attention and all the little things adding up to their own downfall.

This is the first “ugly” painting I think I have ever painted. Maturing as an artist I realize my voice has to get stronger and more prepared to stand up on issues that are important to me. As an artist I hone and practice my perception and awareness to all things. As in ALL THINGS. I don’t just hide in my studio and coward behind my tools of the trade. I am the window into my life and yours. I won’t just paint pretty things every time. I am a humble mirror and voice, I hope my voice has a big enough yell and it echoes into your home and your hearts.

Ok let’s talk about the details ( in order of importance). At mother’s forehead is the earth burning away. This is our habitat being mistreated. It is about climate change and also about the overpopulation, trash, overfishing, exploiting all our resources at an alarming rate. Even the horses behind the planet are being burned as they run away. Next are the bears fishing. The father is teaching his kid to fish. The kid is more concerned with his ipad. This is an ongoing problem for parents. The dad is trying to pass on knowledge and experience but the kid would probably prefer watching fishing on youtube. Hence the Nurture versus technology is now a big issue. Smart phones are seen in this painting quite frequently. The social concerns evolving with point and click, swipe, and scroll life are becoming prevalent. Coming from an age where social interaction was more common with actual face to face, watching the kids born into smart phone technology and becoming phone zombies is really sad. Social interaction on screen is the new standard in the personal space people use to share in person and this bear fishing scene represents all moments when face time is ruined by technology. Next up is the top hat party! These are the politicians, the big wigs, the fat cats fueling all the mayhem pushing the American dream down everyone’s throats. They live in a bubble of the 1 percenters. Facilitating all the “lifestyle” through capitalism and hype. Meanwhile the earth pays the biggest price and the people also pay dearly with their lives trying to live up to the American dream. These are the animals that have achieved total manipulation of their surrounding and can earn millions while sitting around sipping champagne. Meanwhile their “big business” has massive negative affects on the planet. These big wigs are feasting and partying to all their success. The rat chefs are cooking up the main course, greed and corruption a la cart. Check out the interaction between the bull and the alligator. This scene is extra special. The alligator is trying to cut a deal with the bull and snake. Look behind the bulls back. It is a huge mallet. He holds his snake back or just up to share in the meeting ( maybe the snake is the bull’s business partner). Notice the snake’s tail is super fat in comparison to it’s main body. This is no business meeting. This is the alligator’s last deal. The bull is going to bonk the alligator over the head with the mallet and the snake will eat him soon after. The snake’s tail represents it’s previous meal almost totally digested and he is ready to eat again. This scene represents how disgusting these politicians and big corporations are. They will eat each other in broad daylight and in front of everyone. And we are suppose to call this ” normal business”. No favors, no please and thank you. Just totally fierce competitive survival of the fittest mentality. And lives are second to the cost of doing business. At the bottom of the party scene is my humble little hippie orangutan. He is the easy going protestor outside the party trying to tell the motorists to wise up and change their polluting ways. He is also cleverly placed next to the big wigs in irony to think twice about shoving their gas and oil down the animals throats. The polluters are present with the motorcycles belting out smoke as they speed by. The bottom motorcycle has two riders. One is focused on the road and oblivious to the party behind the veil of plants. The party who sold him his bike and endless payments of petrol. Only to fuel his freedom at the expense of his extended carbon footprints. They force us to stay in a gas world when electric motors and batteries are already way ready for common street use. The second rider doesn’t have to focus on the road and is enjoying the view. He is taking notice of the big wig party. He is a younger mind and more aware of his surroundings, more focused on learning and absorbing his environment. Maybe he is the one who will take a stand and make a difference…. maybe it is too late. Either way he can see the party….it is very different than the life he knows. He is mesmerized. Maybe he wants to be like them too. Next up the road is the police pig with a radar gun. His motorcycle is ready to hit the road and charge you a fee for speeding. No metaphors here…. just a straight taxing for being in a modern society and being under a “control”. Up the road to the top we go. Half way up the road in the river is the rafters. These guys are the happy idiots. They are happy anytime. They are oblivious to the demise of the planet, barely understand technology, politics or any desire to be conscious of their “status’ or imprint on the world. They are just passing through and going with the flow. Wherever the river takes them is their motto. They had a chance to see everything and make a difference but they do as everyone else does and feel they can make no difference. They are completely passive and respect their position in life. Next to these rafters is the bear peeing in the river. He is the young rebel and the anarchist who knows at one point bears pissed in the woods. Now technology says he should relieve himself in a toilet. He is aware of all the new technology and politics, he knows how to be a good citizen but he says “F%ck it”. This bear represents the people who know better and don’t care. The world is his toilet he says. And many people live this way now. They feel like the world is their trash can ,their ashtray. I am calling you out litterbugs, naysayers, and the entitled. You might as well pee in the streets too. This bear represents all the litter and filth that people feel entitled to share at their leisure with no consequence. If we all behaved this way the world would truly be an embarrassment to walk around in. To the left of the road at the top is an easel with a dog showing the paintings to two other dogs. This is me the artist trying to explain the message of this painting as I am to you now. In visual representation and now literal. I am here to help you the viewer be more conscious about your actions. Be more friendly, more helpful, aware, and respect this planet. Be proud of your life. You are lucky enough to experience this place whether you think it is amazing or crap, it is a miracle you are even here enjoying the air you breathe and heaven forbid get to enjoy the arts, music, culture, and a few good days to remind you it is all worth it. This is your story….don’t be like the animals. And if you know or see someone who is behaving like an animal…. call them out on it. You might be doing us all a bigger favor than you know.
to be continued.