kills cancer

The NCI, more commonly known as The National Cancer Institute, recently revised its FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page regarding marijuana and its medicinal properties – noting that marijuana’s cannabinoids kill cancer.

The government backed website cites a handful of recent studies which drill down how cannabis “may inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death, blocking cell growth, and blocking the development of blood vessels needed by tumors to grow” while at the same time protecting healthy cells from damage.

Undeniable Science: “A laboratory study of cannabidiol (CBD) in estrogen receptor positive and estrogen receptor negative breast cancer cells showed that it caused cancer cell death while having little effect on normal breast cells,” noted the NCI. “Studies in mouse models of metastatic breast cancer showed that cannabinoids may lessen the growth, number, and spread of tumors.”

Below are just a few of the interesting marijuana factoids provided by NCI:

  • Cannabinoids are active chemicals in Cannabis that cause drug -like effects throughout the body, including the central nervous systemand the immune system.


  • Cannabinoids can be taken by mouth, inhaled, or sprayed under the tongue.


  • Cannabis and cannabinoids have been studied in the laboratory and the clinic for relief of pain, nausea and vomiting, anxiety, and loss of appetite.


  • Cannabis and cannabinoids may have benefits in treating the symptoms of cancer or the side effects of cancer therapies. There is growing interest in treating children for symptoms such as nausea with Cannabis and cannabinoids, although studies are limited.


  • Two cannabinoids (dronabinol and nabilone) are drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the prevention or treatment of chemotherapy -related nausea and vomiting.


  • Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory.

Unfortunately, hypocrisy still rules the day: Regardless of the mountain of scientific evidence, demonstrating that marijuana’s cannabinoids have medicinal benefits, the feds both maintain a patent on cannabinoids and fight to keep the plant and its many beneficial compounds illegal. While at the same time the Food and Drug Administration authorizes pricey pharmaceuticals with a host of ugly side effects.