J.Q. Davis 

Award-Winning Author of The Turning Series.

J.Q. Davis Award-Winning Author of The Turning Series.   A southern girl, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Married to a Marine and just returned to NOLA after six very long years in California. Let’s just say…there is no place like home says Davis.
My husband and I are dog lovers and consider our two pooches, Lucy and Bella, our daughters.
On a side note, I hold a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and a certificate in Medical Transcription. Being in the healthcare industry is interesting, and helpful when you are writing about zombies, but my true dream was always to become a writer.

    Writing has been something that I’ve enjoyed doing for a long time. When I was younger, I wrote mostly short stories in the mystery genre, but horror soon became my favorite. There is just something about reading a horror novel quietly in your head, reaching deep into your brain where all of those scary and macabre thoughts linger around.
And then there were zombies.
I got the idea for Turning Grace, book number one in the series, while watching Return of the Living Dead 3. The whole notion of zombies has always been intriguing to me. Reanimation and the walking dead is the epitome of horror. You are in a state of limbo, no longer able to think, and your body, depending on which type of zombies we are talking about, is decaying at a slow rate. What isn’t terrifying about that?
I also wanted to bring to light a different take on zombies. The popular way to view them is from the outside. But with Turning Grace, I tried to delve into the mind of Grace and how she feels and reacts to becoming a zombie. We kind of get to go through this journey with her together.
It was pretty fun to write, and I hope I am able to deliver a scary and interesting story to zombie fans.