Today, I bring to you someone that is very close and integral to the development of not only me personally but musically as well… His name is Jay Da Menace. Man, you can’t talk about Hip Hop in New Orleans without talking about him. Without question he is one the dopest lyricists I have ever heard in my life. He was on a legendary local label called Big Boy Records in the early 90’s. The same label with the now mythical roster including Fiend,      G Slimm, Mystikal and the Ghetto Twins. Not only can Jay Da Menace rhyme well, (and fast) he can tell a good story and I always thought as a aspiring artist myself this element was key to being a dope emcee. He is currently residing as the president of his flourishing business Hitz International.

Sidenote: When people think of Fast rappers like bone thugs and harmony or a artist like Tech N9ne I’ve always felt a guy like Jay Da Menace would have no problem keeping up with either said artists. No question.

He was also one of the few guys that held his own on a single with Mystical called “Boot Camp Clicc” on his Jive records major release “Mind Of Mystikal“. He also got a rare chance to share the stage with Rock And Roll Hall Of fame legends Run–D.M.C.

His true claim to fame in my opinion was being one half of the legendary New Orleans group Black Menace.




The album: “Drama Time” did it for me. That album was life in New Orleans in a nutshell. Raw and gritty. in 1995 you could have  gotten killed in a instant. I was in high school at the time. People were dying left and right. Our music at that time was nothing but a reflection of what we lived on the streets. No more, no less. There was no room for gimmick rappers. They didn’t exist then. You had to live what you talked about in your music.




                                          1993   Black-Menace-Really-Doe



Guest Appearances




Mystikal - Mind Of Mystikal - Front


Tim Smooth - Let It Be Written (1999) back





Murder Dog - Southern XXX-Posure